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Rosetta Hiranaga

Diane is a skilled trainer who knows the ins and outs of Pilates and Barre. She evaluates oneʻs needs before class, following a dedicated plan of action at each class.  Itʻs easy to either stay in shape or work strategically to get back into shape.   I have taken three years of Dianeʻs private lessons and am amazed how far Iʻve come. I didnʻt realize how bad my posture was nor how weak I was becoming.  Now I know what to do to keep my core stronger and stand correctly, using all the right muscles. I am thrilled with my progress: better balance, more muscle tone and I look better in my clothes,. My self esteem has improved, too, since I feel I am taking care of myself and my personal image. I am 69 and feel that I am more in shape now than I was in my fifties and sixties.”​


—  Wailuku, HI

Viri Lund

I love working with Diane! She is an amazing instructor!! Working on weak areas of my body can be vulnerable at times. I love how inspiring and compassionate Diane is during our sessions. This has helped me to keep showing up and to work on those weak areas. I feel stronger after every session, I feel empowered and inspired to continue to work on my body. And the best of all is that my pains have faded away. Her sessions are fun and uplifting! 

Diane has taught me so much! I highly recommend her, you will definitely be amazed with the results. 


—  Kihei, HI

Pilates Kihei

Pilates has helped my clients to develop body awareness and assist them in understanding their mind-body connection. 

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